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Getting Structure to Your Trading | Ep. 004

Getting Structure to Your Trading The Forex Warrior

Welcome to the Forex Warrior! This episode is all about Getting Structure to Your Trading. This episode is all about getting organized with your trading, making a plan in your mind and in your finances in the time that it takes to trade. Dr. Jason Gospodarek will also discuss fitting trading into your life and within the trading platform. 

Support is Key

Don’t make the same mistakes that others have made. Learn from others and distill it down into your technique and strategy. Having the support of others is key.

You have to have a group, a person, a website or a course. Something that is there to support you through your trading journey. Whatever you find that works for you, that is your support for getting started.

“Follow the path to success by using the experience of others.” – Dr. Jason Gospodarek

Find a Mentor

A mentor is someone who has been down the same path you are now traveling. If you are looking become a full-time successful trader or someone looking to replace a certain percentage of their income trading in the forex markets, you want to learn from someone who has been down that road. 

Learning the Trade

“What happens between your ears is the most important part of trading success.” – Dr. Jason Gospodarek

However you choose to learn, there has to be a way that you actually learn through training. It’s the same with any skill such as going to school to be a doctor. First, you study the book, then you take tests and then you actually have hands-on experience.

The same thing happens if you are in a trade like a plumber or an electrician. First, you learn in the book and then you have live training. The same holds true for forex trading.

Live Training

Training in the forex markets either means trading with real money or a practice or demo account to get the feel of how the platform works when you buy and when you sell.

Forex training educates on how the charts look and how they are set up. You’ll also learn about what time you are trading and what you are risking.

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About the author, Jason Gospodarek

Dr. Jason Gospodarek has successfully managed several forex related websites for nearly 14 years, has been a mentor and daily live forex streamer on a leading forex educational website, and has helped to launch two forex brokerage firms. He has been involved in the money management side of the business as well as the back end and setup of metatrader liquidity pools over the years. Although he manages his own funds in the currency markets, he also helps lead new and seasoned traders down their path to trading success. While all his trading is done live currently, he has worked to create and have his own automated trading robots (EAs), as well as fully customized trade copying software, created. He is also the founder of the popular podcast "The Forex Warrior".

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