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Forex Warriors

About The Show

This Podcast was designed to be something new and exciting for all forex traders. The goal of The Forex Warrior is to help those who listen to become extraordinary traders in the forex market.  You can expect exciting shows, guest interviews from around the world, discussion on trading techniques, automated trading, forex brokerages, money management, psychology, and much more.  Forex trading has changed many lives for the better, but to succeed, you need to have what it takes to be a true FOREX WARRIOR!

The Forex Warrior

If you're only going to listen to one Forex podcast this year...

"I have never met someone with the pure, unbridled passion for the markets like Jason Gospodarek.  He is one of the best teachers in all of forex trading.  If you are looking for a place to call "home" in the currency markets, you have found it...I tell everyone to listen to this great podcast!  A+!"

- Jack Franklin, Forex Market Analyst

Simply Amazing advice...

"Don't even think of wasting your time or money on anything in the currency trading marketplace until you hear what Dr. Jason has to say.  I trust him and you can too....he is a class act and an all around good guy who is out to help people like you and me to become better at trading.  His mantra is he is trying to help others from making the same mistakes he did and it has saved me thousands!"

- Adam Smith, Teacher Turned Full-time Forex Trader

Do Not Miss A Single Episode...

"Let him guide you and you will see the payoff in not only your knowledge of the markets, but in your account balance."

- Mark White, Part-time doctor, Part-time FX Trader



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